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Lupin Limited – One of Global Generic Brand Leader in the US Market

Lupin Limited – One of Global Generic Brand Leader in the US Market

The Rise of the pharmaceutical industry started in India in the mid-20th century which gave birth to many new pharmaceutical companies. Lupin Limited is of the bigger brand based in Mumbai, is one such pharmaceutical company that thrived from the time that it was established in 1968, both in developing generic drugs and in research.


Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta established the Lupin limited in the year 1968. He was a professor of BITS Pilani who had a noble vision to fight the then prevalent diseases that destroyed peoples’ lives. This led him to establish Lupin. The path to turning things around was not at all an easy task, especially in a thriving sector like Pharma.
Now, they were producing some major drugs for the most common diseases, like Asthma, TB, Diabetes, Cardiovascular problems and NSAIDS. However, it was after the company became the largest producers of the anti-TB drugs that’s why they came to be known widely in the world. Now, the company is spread across South Africa, the USA, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, and Europe.

About Lupin Pharmaceuticals

Lupin is the 2nd largest pharmaceutical company in India. Also, It is the fastest growing generic pharmaceutical company in South Africa.
To strike an excellent balance between producing generic drugs and continuing R & D, a task that pharmaceutical companies rarely manage to achieve,
Lupin Pharmaceuticals also focuses immensely on Research. The main headquarters for R&D is located in Pune where nearly 1200 scientists work on developing new drugs.
The Company had partnered with the government for the National TB programme to help with its fight with TB in the country. They also took up its share of social responsibilities by starting the Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation in the year 1988. Starting by working in 35 villages near Rajasthan, Lupin today has changed the lives of people in nearly 2200 communities in the country.


Vinita Gupta is the CEO OF Lupin Limited. She graduated in pharmacy from the University of Mumbai and studied an MBA from J L Kellog Graduate School of Management. Also, she has been instrumental in Lupin’s forays into the Advanced Markets and headed the Advanced Market business department of the company in the markets of the USA and Europe. With her exceptional leadership, Lupin has emerged as a global generic brand, especially in the US market in addition to becoming an active player in the branded market.

Welfare and Social Activities

Lupin started the “ Lupin Human Welfare & Research Foundation” on 2nd October 1988. Its primary objective was to provide an alternative sustainable, replicable and model of rural development. It started with around 35 villages in Rajasthan. Its now have touched the lives of over a million people in 3100 communities of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Uttarakhand till date.