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Samir Mehta- Torrent’s Medicine Man


Mr. Samir Mehta, 52, is the Vice Chairman of Torrent Group and Chairman of Torrent Pharma. He has many exposure and experience in the world of business and management. Torrent Group is being ably guided by Mr. Mehta through his analytical and professional approach. He has been providing strong strategic direction to all the business units of the Group.

Samir Mehta, who holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management, has been associated with the company since 1986.

Under his leadership, Torrent Pharma took various strategic initiatives including new therapies and geographies, creating resources to match the exacting demands of markets, making Torrent one of India’s fastest growing pharma majors. It has established a strong presence in the cardio vascular, neuropsychiatry, diabetology, gastroenterology segments and has also ventured into new segments like pain management, dermatology, gynaecology, oncology and nephrology. Through acquisitions, Torrent has strengthened its position in the pharmaceuticals, women healthcare and dermatology segments.

Mr. Mehta can be rightfully credited for establishing Torrent Pharma’s strong pan-global presence, especially through its subsidiaries in the US, Germany and Brazil. It is his strong belief, that the future of Indian pharma lies in its research capabilities, and this led Torrent to invest in bolstering its R&D infrastructure. Today, Torrent Pharma has state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facilities which are certified by the regulatory bodies of various international regulated and semi-regulated markets.


Likewise, Mr. Mehta evinces keen interest in Power business of the Group. Under his guidance, Torrent Power has systematically improved its performance on all efficiency parameters and today it ranks amongst the best run power utilities in the country. With an installed generation capacity of 3334 MW, Torrent Power is fully integrated across the power sector value chain. Its Transmission & Distribution (T&D) loss in its license areas is amongst the lowest in the country. Mr. Mehta’s ability to take calculated risks enabled Torrent Power to expand its distribution operations in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

Torrent Power distributes power to over 3 million customers in the cities of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat, Bhiwandi and Agra. Mr. Mehta’s urge for efficacy and quality has led the Company to demonstrate excellent operational capabilities and high customer orientation, and this has won many accolades.

Torrent Pharma focuses largely on specialty drugs, including branded generics targeted at chronic ailments in segments such as psychiatry, dermatology and oncology.

By the 1980s, Sudhir and Samir Mehta (who were ranked 25th on the 2015 Forbes India Rich List with an estimated wealth of $3.3 billion) were playing an active role in the business and Torrent Pharma.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Chairman Samir Mehta earns the ‘Best CEO’ award for the pharma sector in our study this year.

He has played a crucial role in establishing Torrent Pharma on foreign shores, especially in markets like Brazil, Germany and USA. Currently, international business accounts to about 60 per cent of the total revenue of the company. , Samir Mehta has been actively involved in the Group’s pharma business, and it is said that the transition began around 2010.

Torrent group, one of Gujarat’s biggest corporate houses with interests in power and pharmaceutical, divided it business in two brothers – Sudhir and Samir Mehta. Sudhir and Samir inherited Torrent Group from their father, UN Mehta, a medical representative in the 1940s. Torrent was set up in 1959 and Sudhir formally joined the family business in early 1970.


Facts about Samir Mehta:-

  • He is a chairman of torrent pharma.
  • He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management.
  • He has keen interest in Power business of the Group.
  • He earns the ‘Best CEO’ award for the pharma sector.
  • He rank 25th in Forbes India Rich list in 2015.
  • He inherited Torrent Group from their father UN Mehta.



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