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Dr. Preetha Reddy- Healthcare queen


Dr Preetha Reddy is the MD of Apollo Hospitals which is the largest healthcare chain in India. She is the eldest daughter of group founder Dr. Prathap Reddy, Executive Chairman of the Apollo Hospitals Group, has 45 hospitals under her and has just been named successor to Dr Reddy.

Preetha, being the eldest, was the first choice to head the company. She joined Apollo Hospitals as joint managing director in 1989. Five years later, she was promoted as managing director and was in charge of planning, designing and funding the group’s new projects. Under her, the number of beds at Apollo Hospitals increased from 300 to 6,684. The company’s turnover rise from Rs 110 crore to Rs 3,861.6 crore. She played a key role in the group’s quality certification process (ISO 14001 and 9001). And it was under her supervision that five of the group’s hospitals – in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ludhiana and Dhaka.

On June 5, 1989 Dr. Preetha launched her first solo project, the Apollo Paediatric Hospital in Chennai. But within four days of opening its doors, the hospital, built to handle 12 multiple surgeries from the common heart valve replacements to bone marrow transplants.

Apollo hospital has been Preetha’s project from scratch to building layout, aesthetics and size of the cots to the operation theatres and services around the patient. The successful launch has proved one point yet again that Preetha is a great leader.

As sister Suneeta, who is Preetha’s junior by 15 months and the group’s Executive Director for Finance, says: “Anybody can have a vision, but few can execute. Preetha has proved her execution calibre again and again and can take the group to the next level.’’ Suneeta also highlights Preetha’s feeling for people. “She is like a mother to all our children. The success of my daughter’s wedding goes entirely to Preetha, who made it a perfect show.’’

In March 2008, Apollo got together with Cadilla Pharmaceuticals and StemCyte Inc. for stem-cell therapy. Tough negotiations and endless board meetings formed the foundation of the deal.


  • Apollo Hospitals plans to add 12 hospitals to its current 39 and another 2,175 beds to the existing 6,684 by 2016-17.
  • As of now, 5,811 beds are operational and have an occupancy rate of 71 per cent.
  • Apart from its own 39 hospitals, the group manages 11 hospitals with 1,933 beds
  • The hospital chain is also open for acquisitions in the Northeast.


Facts about Dr. Preetha Rreddy:-

  • Managing director of Apollo Hospitals.
  • Pioneer of healthcare Industry.
  • Under Dr Preetha Reddy’s leadership, Apollo Hospitals came up with ‘Save A Child’s Heart’ initiative, where over 5,000 surgeries have been performed on children suffering from heart diseases.
  • For her outstanding work and contribution to the healthcare sector, Dr Preetha Reddy has been ranked in the international list of ’50 Most Powerful Women in Business’, in Business Fortune, for three consecutive years – 2009, 2010, and 2011.
  • Dr Preetha Reddy was always interested in the Sciences and management roles, which is why she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Stella Maris College Chennai and Master’s degree in Public Administration from Madras University.
  • Later, she was conferred the Doctor of Science degree by the Tamil Nadu Dr M.G.R. Medical University for her outstanding contribution in healthcare.



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